At Astech Air Conditioning, we only use units that can lower running costs for our clients and lower their dependency on energy. This is achieved through the use of:

  • DATA Room Free Cooling Units
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Compressors
  • Digital Scroll Compressors
  • Electronic Expansion Valves
  • EC Fan motors
  • Heat Recovery- Ventilation and VRF Heating & Cooling

Free cooling in a Data Room can be achieved using:

  • Direct fresh air free cooling using induced external ambient air.
  • Indirect air to air free cooling using high efficiency heat exchangers.
  • Air to fluid free cooling using drycoolers or free-cooling chillers.In Ireland we have an average ambient outdoor temperature of less than 12 °C for most of our calendar year, with a Server Room return air temperature in and around 23 °C, a temperature difference of at least 11 °C can be achieved to provide free cooling for most of the year.The ability to free cool is maximised by extending the temperature difference between the heat source and the heat sink, by elevating the operating temperature to 30  or even 35 °C and then containing the air paths using hot or cold aisles extends the opportunity.

The choice for each is based on the types of equipment within the data centre and on its relative ability to withstand increased temperatures and extended humidity bands and operate under such conditions.

Retrofitting of older air handling units with the latest energy efficient EC fans, can help save your organisation typically up to 40% in energy consumption and ultimately your power bill.